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Our mission is to prevent any more youth from losing their lives to bullying & mental health. We build strategies for healthy minds & lives #hannahshearttribe
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Volunteering is about helping yourself and others, making those great anxiety busting connections, learning to thrive, and helping other to be their best selves.
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What people say

Good support for children who are dealing with a mental health issue. I wish there was that kind of support when I was growing up. We need to talk about mental health issues and not be ashamed of it.
Great event, please support it!!
Such an important cause to support!
This is such a beautiful (and much needed in our community) way to honour Hannah and the heart and compassion she had for others. After reading through all you have accomplished so far, your passion for helping others shines through so strongly. I am excited to see this festival unfold as the message is so important
Remember how many kids you are going to be making a difference in. Personally as a mom of 4 kids... 3 being girls I would like to thank you for opening my eyes as my oldest just turned 11 and hit puberty... thank you