Nicholas Maillet
Youth Advocate

Nicholas is an Ottawa based actor and a cofounder of the theatre company Cuil Creations. He trained at Humber College in Theatre Performance where he obtained skills to tell the stories that he finds most valuable in life. Most importantly, Nicholas is the very proud brother of Hannah Mae.

Having been bullied in his early years of elementary and high school, Nicholas knows firsthand the struggles that our youth can face day to day. He also knows how passion, resilience, and the helping hand of a friend can change absolutely everything. With the entire world passing us by through the scroll of a newsfeed, it can seem like there is no room to take up any space in the madness of it all. Nicholas wants to share his experiences with our youth to show just how anyone can own the space they want and deserve.

There is no lie here. Every day without Hannah is a battle, a feeling no one should ever have to face. That being said, Nicholas has nothing but optimism for the future. His sister was such a bright soul in our world, and through Hannah’s Heart, we are able to continue her brilliant work for so many years to come. Nicholas hopes you can join us and be part of the continued legacy of his brilliant, vibrant, and loving sister.