Ryan D Brinkhurst
Cofounder and Technology Specialist

Ryan is a father of two amazing daughters, Isabelle and Ava, who were both born after the turn of millennium. As a web strategist and technology guru, Ryan understands the joy, comfort, and convenience that technology can bring to our lives, and as a father of two, he understands the anxiety and stress that can follow a person who is always connected.

His niece, Hannah, passed away in July of 2018 because of anxiety and bullying, and that’s when he knew that he needed to help his sister Tasha start building a better future for children and youth everywhere. Our rapidly changing society is centered around technology and staying connected, and children and youth are the most vulnerable. Ryan wants to be part of the solution that will allow every next generation to thrive and survive technology and anxiety.

Ryan loves to travel, and he enjoys long runs and walks. He also spends his free time writing and editing, mostly for his online magazine, Literary Heist. Every once in a while, you might see him judging a writing a contest.