Shane Cowell
Cofounder and Logistics Coordinator

Shane is a husband, father, entrepreneur and a head coach within Hockey Canada. He owns a seasonal property maintenance company locally, which occupies his day to day life in addition to 12-year trade background in commercial and residential painting and recently, mechanical insulating.

Hannah was his only daughter and as her Step-Dad they shared an extremely close relationship. They had special nicknames for each other (“HanEO” & Shanéné”) that became their inside joke. Shane is a natural story-teller and Hannah always wanted to listen and ask to have the same story told over and over.

Shane grew up in Pembroke on a Standard Bred Horse Racing Farm, so their connection through horses was natural and they formed a bond immediately. Hannah could be silly and she equally loved a good debate, and always had a smile on her face. He witnessed her personality morph, with the cause being extreme bullying. Horses played a vital role in Hannah’s world so the day he was able to bring her dream to life, of having her own horse (Jolene) is a day forever etched as one of his most favourite memories. The bond between Hannah and her horse was instant, and Jolene’s ability to bring her happiness every day was unforgettable- they became best friends.

After the tragic loss of his 14-year-old daughter Hannah in July 2018 from anxiety & bullying, he is on a shared mission, to try and make a difference on how others view mental illness and bullying in children and teenagers and to influence change by building youth emotional resiliency.

Shane holds a valid (exp 11/2020) Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Vulnerable Sector Clearance. He is a certified Respect in Sport Inc., Activity Leader, where he is trained to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD), to assist in creating a safe, healthy and respectful environment for all youth. He has taken the Gender Identity and Expression Course, certified by Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO), to understand discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression Training to support trans-inclusive participation in programs.

Hockey has played a vital role in Shane’s life for over 25 years. It speaks to his leadership style and cooperative team mindset. He played minor hockey from the age of 5 and continued to play throughout high school and into his adult years. Shane is the head coach for his middle son’s minor hockey team and uses a variety of social skills to effectively communicate with the players and parents on the team. Working within the youth age group of 10-12-year old’s he has had much success in having the players listen effectively and show a desire to engage in different roles on the team. The most important things he stresses during a season is team work (on and off the ice), fun and trusting one another in order to have a successful year of player growth. He always finds the positive side of any situation. When not on the ice, you can find Shane spending time with his wife and 3 children – he shows through his actions that family always comes first. He loves to stay active in all seasons and loves spending time on the water in the summer boating, canoeing and camping.