Tasha Cowell
Founder and President

Tasha Cowell is a wife, mother, mompreneur, keynote speaker, community culture builder, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) educator & practitioner and servant leader. Tasha holds a diploma in Recreation & Leisure Services from Algonquin College (2011), where she has a history of successfully developing, implementing and evaluating inclusive recreation, leisure and wellness programs & events for youth and seniors locally and internationally.

Hannah was Tasha’s only daughter, and a role that Tasha took on with honour to raise a strong confident young woman. Tasha & Hannah described themselves as each other’s twin flame; the perfect mirrors of each other. She taught Hannah how to love herself, by modelling self-love. Tasha would encourage Hannah to take risks in life and to step outside her comfort zone. She knew that girls who take risks, are more likely to be confident and find success in their future. Hannah had her own sense of fashion; trendy and unique to herself and a master at creating complicated hair braids. Tasha focused on instilling a strong family value system and she was extremely proud that Hannah only saw her mixed family with love. Hannah refused to use words like “step” or “half” when it came to her family- she would proudly tell you that she had 5 sisters and 3 brothers; “love is love”. Tasha experienced first-hand the destruction of her daughter’s self-confidence at the hand of emotional, physical and cyber bullying. She saw how words cut deep and have the power to destroy a child’s inner & outer world. Tasha proudly witnessed the fortitude of a spirit rise in Hannah as she learnt coping skills through ongoing counselling and the introduction of her best friend and horse; Jolene. Even in Hannah’s pain she wanted to help others who suffered from depression, anxiety and bullying find peace and help. Hannah found her happy place in her new local community in Whitewater Region and Tasha watched her daughter rise from the pain through her new “tribe” of friends, Hayley, Katie & Zoe at her new school, and will be forever grateful for the smile they put back on her face, the laughter and giggles that returned to Hannah #hannahshearttribe

Hannah tragically passed away July 2018 from anxiety & bullying. Tasha knows that she will never “get over” the loss of her child. There is a daily struggle trying to learn how to live without Hannah. Tasha is on a mission, to try and make a difference on how others view mental illness and bullying in children and teenagers and to influence change by building youth emotional resiliency.

Tasha’s platform: social media, radio, school & community presentations. I will travel anywhere within Canada & USA to talk & give presentations. I inspire teens to think and make good choices and to choose their attitude for success and significance. I want every child and teen out there to know their value & to truly believe that they are OK, just the way they are!

Tasha holds a valid (exp 09/2021) Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Vulnerable Sector Clearance. She is a certified Respect in Sport Inc., Activity Leader, where she is trained to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD), to assist in creating a safe, healthy and respectful environment for all youth. She has taken the Gender Identity and Expression Course, certified by Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO), to understand discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression Training to support trans-inclusive participation in programs. She is always expanding and adding to her skillset through online education, workshops and seminars, and believes that you are never too old to learn something new each day.

Tasha still puts family first. In her downtime, you can find her outside playing with her horses and exploring nature or throwing a baseball around. Her eldest son is an actor & she will proudly tell you that she is his biggest fan; making time to attend every play he performs in or produces across Canada. You can catch her cheering loudly from the hockey rink when her middle step-son Tanyon is playing hockey & laughing hysterically at her youngest step-son Holden’s dance moves & jokes. She is a champion for instilling family values offline and some of their favourite games at the moment are Monopoly & Exploding Kittens. Tasha and her husband Shane embrace their love of travel and use it to make a difference wherever they go. They keep adding to their lived-list and live each day to its fullest, knowing that tomorrow is never promised, so love with all you can TODAY.